I am a practitioner of physical and mental health through the sensual arts, I love the excitement of meeting new people, and the thrill of my FBSM encounters that are unconventional and a bit forbidden. Without the potentially burdensome demands and expectations of a traditional relationship.  I would describe a session with me to be like a genuine encounter with a classic woman. Sometimes I am goofy and sometimes I am shy, but I know exactly what I am doing and I'll figure out what you will need. I'll make  sure to treat any muscle soreness you may have with my CMT skills, I'm very much into healing, and releasing muscle spasms with therapeutic techniques. 

Although  I am tall, statuesque and beautiful, I’m a bit shy (always have been) so it’s totally cool if your a guy that likes to talk! I’m intrigued to meet people who have something to teach me, anyone with something to say will get my attention. I’m spontaneous and have done things some people only fantasize about. I’m a very sensual person, working as a Massage Therapist while growing into my sexuality has made me a physically sensitive and affectionate person.