FBSM $200 per hour 150 half hour

What I bring to my massage table is 4 years for FBSM experience I have taken the best of therapeutic massage, combined it with a table version of NuRu and splashed it with sensual artistry. NuRu is a body-to-body style massage, it is definitely one of the most erotic things I have ever experience with someone.

This massage is hands only.

I do not provide escort services



BDSM $300 per hour

My sessions are dominant yet sensual. I specialize in physical domination but I’m open to submissive activities, switching and extreme fetishes!

I believe everyone has a fetish or fantasies, maybe you have not explored this side, or have kept your kinks to yourself.

In a way I play out my own fantasies through my fetish sessions, so everything I do is something I enjoy or I really get my kicks out of!

Face Sitting, Squashing, Strap on, Golden Showers, Light Wrestling, Sensory Play, Torture, Tickling, Biting, Face Slapping, Spiting, Restraints, Choking, Role Reversal, Age Play.